Port and Douro Wine Route

In the great amphitheater of the Douro valley, classified World Heritage, the man gave birth to the port and high quality table wines.

The Port is the oldest ambassador to Portugal. Grown in the Douro terraces, It has the honor of belonging to one of the oldest demarcated region of the world, since in 1756 It was created the General Company of Agriculture of the Upper Douro Vineyards. Their mission was to delimit the region, register the vineyards and classify wines according to their quality.

Here also born the Douro table wines, which in recent decades have acquired great notoriety and projection across borders thanks to its quality, both in red and in white and even in rosé.

Inseparable from the Douro river that runs through canyons from the border with Spain until near Porto, this region of shale mountains, with poor soils and harsh, It was transformed by the action of the man who planted the vineyard step by step. Green in summer, fiery red in autumn, the vineyard has given rise to a unique landscape classified by UNESCO.

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