Marco Wine Route

Fundado a 31 March 1852, in Marco de Canaveses county emerges a full historical identity of archaeological and heritage traces. Obligatory reference to the Roman city of Tongobriga, an important religious and civil Romanesque circuit and Contemporary Art, materialized by the Church of Santa Maria, the architect Siza Vieira.

The rivers Douro and Tamega involve the county Marco de Canaveses, with their reservoirs of Torrão and Carrapatelo, inviting the visitor to the discovery of sensations and emotions.

In the landscape appear stunning green mass, marked by a diversity of microclimates arising from the numerous valleys, rivers and streams that meander through the slopes situated at low altitude. Here are home to traditional varieties, upheld on average heights and small. The Atlantic climate, very rainy winters and relatively dry and hot summers, but with moderate temperature ranges, and the basis of granitic soils, Based give a sandy texture with excellent drainage properties, very useful to the unique quality of our grapes.

As castas Arinto, Azal and Avesso dominate the landscape of our valleys and have them your crib, still emerging Trajadura, Loureiro and Alvarinho. These are the varieties toasting the quality of white wines of our county.

The Vinhão, Azal red and Borraçal are the genesis of our red. The Baker and Espadeiro create unique wines of pink color but of strong character, as people who live here since ancient times.

The white wines are fruity green, full of youth, freshness and minerality; green reds are intense, very marked color and robust tannins; rosy emanate defined aromas, Fruity and irreverent, sublimating nice reflections of salmonadas colors, a refreshing and smooth all.

Get to know the wines of Marco's Wine Route and enjoy a seamless experience, founded also in gastronomy, handicrafts and natural and built heritage of this hospitable county: Marco de Canaveses.