Green Wine Route

The stunning beauty of the Minho region is the setting for Route Green Wine. Traverse these paths is to discover the origins and flavors of ancient wine culture and delve deep into the history of Portugal.

Thursdays, wineries, restaurants, accommodation units and tourist animation companies, They have teamed up to offer multiple activities and itineraries, providing unique and memorable experiences in the Vinho Verde Route, a destination wine par excellence.

Along 49 municipalities, that span the northwest of Portugal, You can enjoy beaches and mountains, valleys and rivers, and a unique landscape where green, which names the wine, It is the dominant color.

World Heritage Cities and a rich set of monuments from various eras, dot the area and are, by itself, a reason for the visit. Tradition and modernity in the culture and production of Vinho Verde combine to provide moments of pleasure in the 5th modern, ou secular family, where the hospitality of the people will not fail to seduce visitors.

Come discover the route of Vinho Verde and let yourself fall in love with a unique wine!